Sarvam Foundation welcomes you to SPACE - a small but serene oases of arts, creativity and spiritual energy. A refreshing respite from the humdrum of city life, SPACE offers you opportunities to go deeper within to discover more about yourself. 


With wooden flooring that is therapeutic for dance classes, SPACE offers a beautiful venue at a cost that is affordable for you to offer classes in various dance forms, Classical and Contemporary.


The entire length of the wall is mirrored as well.  If music, instrumental or vocal is your offering, then we have a lovely terrace too that can be used along with this hall ofcourse.


Depends on your preference for the outdoors or indoors!

Energy and vibrations - SPACE is a positively charged atmosphere for offering healing, meditation, massage (Gurgaon venue) and various alternative therapies like Reiki, Buddhist chanting and so much more.


You can hold classes in the same for a diverse group of audiences.


Courses and talks on nutrition and nutrition based practices can be offered at SPACE.


We have a projector and Audio Visual facilities as well as seating capacity of 50 to 70 people at Bengaluru and more than 80 people at Gurgaon.


Workshops in Dance, Music, Visual Arts, Fine Arts, Healing, Nutrition and more can be offered at SPACE. These can range from a day long workshop to a few days and we can make arrangements for the same.


We have projector facilities, beautiful sound systems, mirrored walls, wooden floors and a positively charged atmosphere for offering art, healing and nutrition.


We also have space for two people to stay at. So if you are organizing a workshop for a teacher/practitioner/Guru from out of station for local participants, they have a place to stay at SPACE itself.



With a fantastic support of lights, sound, flooring, mirrors, AV, seating (chair or floor) – you can hire SPACE at a nominal amount for a curated performance/talk for an intimate audience.


H 23/24,

Behind DLF Gurudwara

DLF Phase 1

Gurgaon - 122002


#7, 2nd Cross, 2nd Main,
Nagarbhavi - 2nd Stage

Bengaluru - 72